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Let Intercom triggers interact with your payments flow and improve customer experience

07 Feb, 2022·WhenThen ·News

A better customer relationship starts at micro automations that can action requests in seconds, not days

The core of a good sales and marketing pipeline comes down to a customer relationship that builds trust from the point of entry to customer advocacy. We’re building an era where instant actions have become a must that brings convenience to every customer experience. This means less manual intervention and more automations.

The tech overhead that kept us from developing ‘instant’ experience gave rise to no-code automations builders like Zapier and now WhenThen for payment flow automations.

WhenThen is ready to bring ‘instant’ experience in the sales, marketing and customer service space by integrating with Intercom.

How does intercom work with WhenThen

You can seamlessly create actions based on Intercom triggers like:

  • Close conversion
  • Created conversion
  • Created company
  • Created lead
  • Created User

These trigger actions like update users, send a new message, find company, create leads and more.

You can also automatically initiate payment actions like authorization, refund and cancel payments through Intercom support messages and update Intercom conversations based on payment actions and issues.

Through this connection you can:

  • Use WhenThen’s no-code interface to create payment flows in clicks, not code
  • Send Intercom messages to customers based on payment events
  • Create and update support tickets based on users' payment activity
  • Initiate payments and refunds from Intercom messages


With this connection, non-developers can build flexible payment flows while having customer relationships in mind.

Using a great customer relationship management tool is one thing, but having one that synchronously works with your payment logic brings a whole new level of benefits to you and your customers.

It’s WhenThen mission to help internet companies build, run and improve their payment flows in minutes – without the dev effort. And we make sure to bring more and more value to our users with every new connection we build.

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