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Manage and prevent
disputes without the work

Manage and resolve disputes on autopilot with end-to-end automations that you can integrate, configure and launch in minutes. Take a preventive approach and proactively stop disputes at checkout by orchestrating best-in-class payment flows that mitigate the risks of chargeback and fraud.

If you have chargebacks,
you need prevention

A chargeback can cost merchants up to $100 if not prevented. WhenThen provides a platform for you to connect your payment processors, fraud providers and many more so you can build enterprise-level payment flows, automations, and strategies that can help mitigate chargeback and fraud risks.

See how disputes impact your business
in real-time

Get a bird’s eye view of all disputed transactions across your payments stack in one platform- simply and cleanly. Keep a good account standing and avoid losing revenue on chargebacks. Easily integrate with 3rd party tools to streamline your end-to-end dispute process in clicks.

Your dispute management process.
Automated in a number of recipes

Dispute alert

Create an automation to alert your operations team of new disputes as they pop right into the ticketing app of your choice.

Customer outreach and chargeback prevention

Create an automation to proactively reach out to customers as soon as a dispute is opened. Resolve the dispute early and prevent costly chargebacks.

Automated refund policies

Save your operation team countless hours defending small ticket disputes and refund the purchase. Create an automation to automatically refund under a fixed amount to get your operation team’s time back!

A single integration for all your PaymentOps needs

Payment Operations doesn’t end at dispute management! WhenThen provides an easy, no-code integration so you don’t have to go through API docs whether it’s with your payment processor or third-party tools. Once you’re integrated, you can leverage our powerful features to smarten up your Payment Operations and save time and money for your business. Automate refunds, alerts, comms, reconciliation and much more in a matter of clicks.

It’s not a one‑size‑fits‑all solution

Build automations as easy and as complex as your business might need. Use our user-friendly no-code editor and launch payments automations and experiences in minutes. Connect your favourite 3rd party providers to streamline your processes end-to-end.

Connect your payment stack with pre-built integrations

Allow interoperability between your payment and business apps without development effort.

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