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Automating refunds in 2 minutes

Automating refunds in 2 minutes

Dave Brown

12 Jul, 2022·Dave ·Payments 101

Are you still losing money and customers on slow refunds? Get automating with WhenThen and start winning more sales and long-term customers. Here's how:

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Managing refunds is part of your checkout experience. No matter how much you hate it, refunds are a fact of life. But did you know that it brings a huge untapped potential for your business?

Research shows that improving customer refunds brings a positive impact on profitability by increasing sales and reducing costs. In fact, 65% of the customers claimed that the speed and ease of refund affect where they choose to shop and 95% said same-day refunds would make them more loyal to a brand.

Additionally, customers often delay their next purchase until after they get the money back to use for another purchase and if it took you 10 days to refund, that potential sale is as good as gone.

However, most merchants do not yet offer same-day refunds. This translates to revenue loss and more money spent to handle slow manual refunds as it often involves back and forth communication with customer support and manual collection of information from the customers. As the research shows, 19% of all customer support calls are related to refunds - imagine the time and resources you could save by automating this process.

Automate Refunds using WhenThen

Managing refunds couldn’t be easier with WhenThen. By using our custom triggers you can set up a refund automation in a matter of minutes.

It can be as simple as creating a chain of triggers and actions from customers’ refund requests or something more advanced such as decoupling capture from authorization.

Automations like this can take weeks if not months to build the traditional way. Do it in 2 minutes with WhenThen.

Build your first no-code payments automation today!

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