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Build data-informed fraud rules without the dev effort

Build logic that allows you to make decisions based on your fraud score for optimal risk management without engineering support. Own and leverage your payments data to learn from your customers’ payment intent and bring more accuracy to your fraud prevention engine.

3D Rules

Drag and drop 3Ds rules or use our pre-configured recipes

Stay compliant with authentication requirements in the markets you operate in. No more weeks or months of coding to implement your 3Ds rules. Use our powerful no-code editor to configure and set actions based on 3Ds results or use our ready-made recipes developed by payment experts.

growth while keeping compliant

Use a global network of data to accurately identify your loyal customers, reduce false declines, and stay on top of the latest anti-fraud trends with WhenThen's fraud partner and chargeback detection and prevention systems.


Secure payments data in a PCI Level 1 vault

Store and manage your payments data across all Payment Providers to allow reuse and avoid lock-in with one PSP. Unlock smart routing capabilities to improve payment success rate and reduce payment processing costs while keeping the data secure.

chargeback risks

Reduce chargeback risks by building risk management logic without relying on 3rd party fraud providers. See payments changelog in one real-time ledger along with well-aggregated payments data to help easily resolve disputes, refunds and chargebacks.


Quick setup recipes for your fraud team

Reduce fraud false


False-positive fraud cases means you could be declining legitimate transactions and costing your business money.

Fraud service provider

Risky transactions can spell trouble for your business. Using a Fraud Service Provider can help identify high risk transactions and using this recipe you can automatically decline those transactions without sending it to your payment processor.

Notification about

disputed transactions

Disputes occur when a user contacts their issuing bank to contest the transaction made with you.

Connections for your fraud team


Fraud provider



Fraud provider


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