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Cookie Policy

Effective from 12 May 2021

  1. Overview of Cookie Policy

    This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) is in addition to our Privacy Policy document. It describes how we use cookies and similar technologies on our website (“Website”) to enable and perform our data insight services (“Services”). This Policy applies to all visitors and active clients using our Website.

    By accessing our Website and using our Services, and by accepting the cookie consent pop-up, you consent to how we use cookies and similar technologies as described under this Policy. We reserve the right to change any portion of this Policy at any time for reasons, such as changes to our cookies or applicable laws.

    For any questions, concerns, issues or complaints regarding this Policy, please reach out to us via our email address at legal@whenthen.com.

    The definition and use of Cookies

    Cookies are tiny bits of files or data that any website owner downloads to your web browsing device when you access or use their website. Like most website owners, WHEN THEN LIMITED use cookies on the Website, too.

    We use cookies for various purposes, including to:

    • Make our Website and the features available on the Website function;
    • To gather analytics about how clients use our Website in order to prevent it, detect fraud and identify which of our products or Services are doing well;
    • To gather reports about crashes and bugs and effectively provide improvements or upgrades;
    • To provide customer support and help to clients; and
    • Remember your device and login credentials.

    The types of Cookies on our website

    We majorly use functionality cookies to make the features of the Website, including the content and third-party tools, perform effectively. We also use analytics cookies, which are the cookies responsible for helping us gather how you use the Website, including your navigations.

    The duration of Cookies

    At the moment, we use “session” cookies. They are cookies that only exist when you browse the Website. They automatically expire when you close the Website or your browser.

    Thirtd parties also set Cookies

    We are not the only ones who set the cookies on the Website. Some of our third-party service providers, such as our marketing partners, analytics companies, payment processors and customer service providers, also set their cookies (referred to as “third-party cookies”) in order to perform their services. For example, Google Inc. and Zendesk set their own cookies to gather analytics through Google Analytics and provide chat support through the Zendesk chat widget, respectively.

    You can control Cookies

    As mentioned under our Privacy Policy, you have the right to control cookies, including changing your preference or rejecting/deleting existing cookies. You can visit the help/tools/edit areas of the applicable browser to change your preference or control cookies.

    However, note that if you reject or disable cookies, some of the features that are enabled by cookies may become unavailable to you. For example, if you reject the cookie that is responsible for making the chat support work, that feature may cease to work properly when you try to use it. You can learn more about cookies and opt-out at www.allaboutcookies.org.

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