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We've connected with Sift to help combat payment fraud

We've connected with Sift to help combat payment fraud

Remay Villaester

13 Sep, 2022·Remay ·News

A powerful digital security solution like Sift is every fraudster’s nightmare, and now WhenThen’s new connection

According to Sift’s recent report, pervasive activities like account takeover and payment fraud can drive 56% of customers to abandon a brand. This quantifies the shift of payment operations effort to preventing fraud while keeping a frictionless checkout experience for your customers.

For a lot of merchants, failed payments due to fraud translate to lost sales and revenue.

Through Sift and WhenThen's no-code automations, you can combat payment fraud and easily add a security layer to your payment flow.

Sift + WhenThen

WhenThen and Sift's noble friendship is here and ready to keep frauders at bay.

You can now Include a fraud node to inspect the score of a transaction, and receive a recommendation on how to progress with it. Configure payment decline and routing decisions based on the response from Sift.

Our fraud nodes let you know of the intent for every payment so you can reduce fraudulent transactions and unnecessary purchase friction for legitimate customers.

Sift is one of the pioneers in Digital Trust & Safety, helping more than 34,000 sites and apps navigate the fine balance between growing revenue and protecting their business. They’re the first to use machine learning for fraud prevention that is proven to bring good results such as speed, accuracy and scalability.

What it means for your growth and bottom line

WhenThen’s automations can help you launch this protection layer faster and without the dev effort. Adding a layer of security in your payments flow means improved customer checkout experience, more saved sales and increased revenue.

It’s WhenThen mission to help internet companies build, run and improve their payment flows in minutes – without the dev effort. And we make sure to bring more and more value to our users with every new connection we build.

Reach out to our team today and see this connection in action!

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