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Advanced setup

Capture transaction when you confirm a good sale through webhook

Not all tandems are meant to be

Capturing your transaction in tandem with your authorization is a pretty standard payments configuration, however by separating the two events, your business can unlock some cost savings and agility.

By decoupling auth and capture, it allows you to confirm and lock in the available funds at the time of purchase, but only capture once you're confident you can fulfil the transaction. Merchants use this automation to do things like check on inventory, wait for customer signature, or wait for the delivery of goods and services before closing the transaction.

Further, many Payment Service Providers charge a refund fee to reverse the transaction after the transaction has closed. Separating authorization and capture, affords you the option to void or cancel the authorization instead of processing a refund if your customer changes their mind. For merchants at scale, these refund fees which aren't always transparent in your invoice can really add up.

By waiting for a webhook from one of your systems, or triggering a WhenThen API to capture the transaction, you can help minimize your refund fees. Further, you can see the status of each of your payments in our Insights feature, allowing you to have full transparency of your payment operations.

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