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Encourage users to use another payment method when payment declined

You've put a tremendous amount of effort into getting your user to your store and to the checkout process. When the transaction is declined, it's like stopping short of the finish line in a race - you've done all the hard work, but don't get the payoff. In order to get the user over the finish line to complete the sale, we've created this automation to help keep your users in the loop about their declined transactions.

Building this automation shouldn’t take days! Let WhenThen do it in minutes!

Whether you want to remind them of the great products they have in their basket, suggest other forms of payment and credit (like buy-now-pay-later) or entice them with a promo-code, or notify them when their transactions declined, WhenThen is here to make sure that you won’t need the technical overhead to build optimized communication flow with your customers.

Declined transactions are not rare. And some of them may be caused by your customers. One way to combat this is to keep them in the loop about their payment status so they can easily fix any issues from their side and save the sale.

This automation helps optimize your cart conversion metrics by building an automated declined transactions experience by focusing on users who have already expressed purchase intent.

I have multiple Payment Service Providers. How can WhenThen help me?

Traditionally, if you deal with multiple Payment Service Providers, you may have to set up your user communication systems around every one of them, but with WhenThen you can work on a single communication point and distribute it across multiple Payment Service Providers removing the technical overhead and saving your business money and time.

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