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Send customer payment confirmation email

Communication with the customer is a crucial process of daily life in e-commerce. Merchants should always notify customers once the order is successfully purchased.

An order confirmation email is the customer’s safety net for online shopping. It lets them know their order made it into your hands and is being handled capably. Equally as important, it’s an extraordinary opportunity for your company to start building a customer relationship that lasts beyond this transaction.

An order confirmation email is sent by the merchant once a customer has completed a transaction in an eCommerce store. The email verifies basic information, such as who made the purchase, what was purchased, and how much it cost. These emails can also confirm a reservation, appointment, subscription, or some other type of service that you’ve agreed to provide.

On a practical level, an order confirmation indicates an online transaction was successful, but it also fulfills an important psychological need. Your customer has taken a leap of faith and completed the purchase.

Send an order confirmation email assuring consumers' recently completed order is being processed, and use this opportunity to enhance the customer’s experience with your business.

At WhenThen, we created a special recipe that allows you to create the best customer experience for sending confirmation emails in a few clicks. You may connect one of your email providers like SendGrid, MailChimp, or other 3rd party apps available in our library to cultivate a long-term customer relationship in clicks.

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