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Advanced setup

Localise your checkout to show the most relevant payment methods

Expanding your business into global markets can backfire if you don’t master check-out localization. That’s why we’ve built this recipe that allows you to build a seamless local shopping experience with custom check-out based on location. Simply identify a country, or sets of countries and then define the checkout options they should be seeing. Increase cart conversion by showing each customer the most suitable checkout options, without distracting them with options that don’t apply to them.

Providing international buyers with a local checkout process is essential for buyer confidence and conversion. Our goal with this recipe is to provide your business with the highest conversion rate.

WhenThen platform also makes connecting new payment methods and alternative payment methods a breeze. If you’ve been meaning to add payment methods, once you’ve registered with your partner of choice, you can simply authenticate within the WhenThen platform and start processing with your new partner - that’s it - no more complex API documentation and months of integration.

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