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Advanced setup

Route transactions based on currency to reduce costs and increase auth rates

If you treat all customers and their payments the same, you could be incurring unnecessarily higher processing costs, and having transactions declined by global payment service providers who can't effectively service the local market where your customers live.

For global merchants, it's common to have multiple Payment Service Providers to establish the regional coverage required to run their business. An MRC study found that these international merchants have an average of five gateway processors and four acquiring banks.

Routing your transactions based on a card parameter like country and currency can allow you to route the transaction to local processors, resulting in a higher probability of approval, and without incurring international card fees.

Route transactions based on card conditions

Our Route transaction based on card conditions automation template allows you to easily define card parameters to route based on. Choose from variables like country, card type, currency and brand and find the best possible payment service provider to process your transaction.

Some Merchant Acquirers (like Chase Paymentech) offer reduced processing rates for cards that they issue. Another practical use of this automation is being able to take advantage of these preferred processing rates by routing transactions of a specific issuer to a specific processor.

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